The Magick Cauldron is a family-owned and run business making hand-crafted, luxury, scented candles. We are a mother-daughter partnership, each adding our own expertise and input to the business.  We started this venture because we are candle-lovers, but were disappointed with mass-produced offerings, so we set out to create lovingly hand-made fragranced candles, decorated with glitter, dried flowers and other toppings.


I am a Pagan and I add the “magick” to our range, and I am also currently deepening my knowledge of tarot cards.

My other passion is writing, and I have so far published books about a fun dog called Ben Bean Benn, which are books for children, co-authored with my daughter, Jade.  You can find out more about this at and you can buy these books via Amazon:

A Year with Ben Bean Benn – Book 1 Spring Mischief

A Year with Ben Bean Benn – Book 2: Summer Adventures

A Year with Ben Bean Benn – Book 3: Fall Fun

A Year with Ben Bean Benn – Book 4: Winter Mayhem – COMING SOON!

I am owner-director of Premier Typing Ltd (, providing transcription services.


I am passionate about astrology and so dreamed up our zodiac range at the Cauldron.

My true vocation is writing. Aside from the series of children’s books I’ve co-written with my mother, ‘A Year with Ben Bean Benn’ (see above), I also write supernatural horror fiction under the pseudonym Jade Kane –

You can buy my debut supernatural horror novel, ‘Evil Rising’, on Amazon, here.

I also have a love of musical theatre and I run an informational site about London’s West End scene –