CelebsForSmallBiz Twitter Hashtag Hour is Born – Celebrities with big hearts help out small businesses!

CelebsForSmallBiz is a Twitter hashtag hour that runs every Friday, from 9pm to 10pm, which aims to help support small online business owners during this period (who mostly don’t get any financial help from the Government) by getting their sales tweets seen by a much wider audience than would normally be the case for them.

Who Are We?

The hosts of CelebsForSmallBiz all have small online businesses of their own, so please give them all a “follow” on Twitter and take the time to check out their websites to see what they have on offer. Due to organising these events, their own promotional work is taking a back-seat so they would love your support!

#CelebsForSmallBiz Twitter Hour

Alison from The Magick Cauldron (@CauldronCandles)
Beautifully decorated and scented candles to help you achieve better wellbeing by transforming your home into a magical oasis of calm!

Elizabeth from Hedge Buddies (@HedgeBuddies)
Food for wild birds and hedgehogs, as well as some lovely housing to enhance your garden!

Nichola from Crafty Bijoux (@Crafty_Bijoux)
Natural self-care and wellness products to help you look after yourself without harming the planet or your health – the Natura way!

Maisie from The Little Scrunchy Co (@LScrunchieCo)
Dress up your hair to look its best with these top-quality, handmade, beautifully finished scrunchies!

Thanks also go to Jade (www.jadekane.com, @JadeKane_Author), co-owner of the Magick Cauldron, for her ongoing support with promotional materials!

The Backstory

The idea came about during a chat between four online business owners, who also happen to be the best of friends and like to have a bit of laugh!  With the dreadful doom and gloom in the world at this time, we wanted to try and bring some laughter and enthusiasm back into the #smallbiz community on Twitter, which we all felt had become a little bit “flat”, but, importantly, of course, we also wanted to try and do something to help increase sales for small online businesses, many of which are really struggling (and many of whose owners do not get any Government help).  We didn’t know whether we’d be successful in pulling off our idea, but we felt that, even if we didn’t, we could at least boost the morale within the community with a bit of banter.  The #smallbiz community on Twitter are very supportive of one another anyway, but what we wanted to do was to widen the circle, to try and get outside that bubble, so that sales tweets from small businesses get seen by a much bigger audience.

What do we do?

So, what’s the point of CelebsForSmallBiz?  Well, firstly, “celebrity” is one of those words that means different things to different people.  In connection with CelebsForSmallBiz though, our celebrities are people with big hearts who just want to help out in any way they can.  Many of them insist they are not “celebrities” – but they are certainly our kind of celebrity!

The idea is that small businesses tweet about their products or services, which already happens on many other great Twitter hashtag hours, but the difference with our hour is that when a celebrity with a large following comes along and does a few retweets, the visibility of those tweets is suddenly massively boosted, and of course people who follow that celebrity come along to see what’s happening too. The celebrities don’t have to purchase anything or endorse any products/services, but just put their “follower power” to good use!

Our inaugural event was on Friday, 10th April 2020, and, in less than four days since we came up with the germ of an idea, we managed to persuade three lovely celebrities to come along and help out by retweeting and liking some sales tweets during our hour, thus widening the potential pool of customers for all small businesses. It was far more successful than we could have ever hoped for, and our one-hour event trended on Twitter for over four hours.

Our second CelebsForSmallBiz event was on Friday, 17th April, and for this one, we managed to line up eight celebrities to help us out, with a combined Twitter following of over three-quarters of a million people!

Most importantly, we’re so happy that many businesses are reporting increased sales activity as a direct result of putting their sales tweets on our hashtag hour, and there are many people tweeting about purchases they’ve made too. 

We are going to continue to run the hour every Friday for as long as it’s needed and is doing some good.  To join us and get the most out of the hour, put the tag #CelebsForSmallBiz into the search bar on Twitter and follow the feed. When you see something you like, LIKE or RT it.  If you RT it, then choose the ‘RT with Comment’ option, add a comment or even just the hashtag #CelebsForSmallBiz into the post before hitting reply, because then everyone will see the activity and we have more chance of hitting those trending charts again.

Like any good party, you just need to bring yourself and your favourite drink and maybe some snacks along – we look forward to welcoming you for some Friday night fun!  Please spread the word to as many people as you can via your various social media channels, etc. Big companies will survive the current economic downturn, but small online businesses may not and they really need your support right now – so if you are able to buy during this time, please consider buying from a small business rather than one of the retail giants!

Our Celebrity Supporters

We are so grateful to all the lovely celebs who have put their name to this and given up their time to participate – THANK YOU for caring!

Here is a list of celebrities who’ve joined forces with us so far (in alphabetical order by first name):

Ailish Sinclair – @AilishSinclair, www.ailishsinclair.com

Annette Badland – @AnnetteBadland1

Caitlin Grey – @GreyCaitlin, www.caitlingrey.com

Craig Wilson – @KiltedChefCraig, www.kiltedchef.co.uk

Graydon Radford – @ShrewsMorris, www.shrewsburymorris.com

Lizzie Chantree – @Lizzie_Chantree, www.lizziechantree.com

Marc Zammit – @Zammit_marc, www.marczammit.co.uk

Mark Shenton – @ShentonStage, www.shentonstage.com

Terry Tyler – @TerryTyler4, www.terrytyler59.blogspot.com

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