Essential Ylang Ylang Tree of Life Candle


Our Essential Ylang Ylang Tree of Life Candle is fragranced with pure ylang ylang essential oil, and it is made with 100% natural soy wax and wick.


Our Essential Ylang Ylang Tree of Life candle is fragranced with pure ylang ylang essential oil and is 100% natural. It is topped with dried pink cornflowers and rose petals.

This is a beautifully fragranced soy wax candle. The soy wax is natural, vegan-friendly, and exceptional quality. Our wicks are 100% natural cotton, eco-friendly, lead-free, non-toxic, paraffin-free, with no zinc or other metals. All our candles are natural-coloured so will match with any décor. Our essential oil range of candles are decorated with dried flowers that will infuse into the wax as the candle burns. Each candle will burn for 20-25 hours.

The ceramic pot is black with a Tree of Life symbol on, and measures 7.5cm diameter and 7cm in height. As the pots are handmade by our supplier, please note there may be slight variations in shape and size. They are fired to stoneware and are dishwasher safe.

Our creations are hand-made with love and a little bit of magick!


General Candle Care/Safety – to get the most from your Essential Ylang Ylang Tree of Life Candle, please follow these instructions

Trim the wick to ¼ inch (1/2 centimetre) before each burn (failure to do so will result in excessive smoking and too large a flame). To prevent tunnelling, please allow your candle to melt completely across to create a full pool on first burn and allow to burn for 3-4 hours. Candle decorations can be left in place but please watch closely until all toppings infuse into the wax.

Always place your candle on a fire-proof surface, keep it away from children and pets, and never leave a burning candle unattended. Candles are burnt at your own risk and The Magick Cauldron has no liability for damages caused by neglectful use. Do not ingest any of the decorative toppings.

Please note that the photos shown are for illustrative purposes only. Your candle may vary from the pictures in terms of decoration, crystal shapes, sizes and colours.

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