Tealight Sampler Pack B


Not sure which of our scents you’d like best?  Try twelve scents with this sampler pack.  You will receive one of each scent (listed below).


Tealight Sampler Pack B: Not sure which of our scents you’d like best?  Try twelve scents with this sampler pack. 

You will receive one of each:

  • A Time To Chill (Lavender) – Kick back and forget the stresses of your day with this soothing lavender elixir.
  • Carnival Vibes (Coconut & Sandalwood) – Celebrate the riotous colours and wild rhythms of the carnival with this exotic sandalwood and coco scent!
  • Enchanted Woodland (Myrrh & Sandalwood) – Feel enchanted with this warm, smooth blend of myrrh, sandalwood, and cedarwood.
  • Fire & Spice (Cinnamon) – Awaken your senses and spice up your life with this fiery cinnamon scent.
  • Madagascan Dreams (Vanilla) – Add a little magical ambience to your home with this warm, inviting vanilla scent.
  • Magical Earth (Sandalwood) – Revel in the magic of Mother Nature with this earthy sandalwood scent.
  • Malibu Beach (Coconut) – Live the Californian dream with this rich scent of coconut paradise!
  • Manhattan Moments (Dark Pomegranate) – Bring some Manhattan sophistication to your home with our rich pomegranate scent.
  • Midnight Garden (Jasmine) – Take a midnight stroll in a garden and enjoy this heady floral cocktail of jasmine and patchouli.
  • Moonlit Seashore (Sea Air) – Bring the magic of a late-night stroll along a deserted beach into your home with this calming, refreshing scent of the seaside.
  • Moroccan Sunset (Exotic Flowers) – Live in the lap of luxury with this exotic blend of rose, lily, sandalwood and musk.
  • Mystical Peace (Sage) – Finally, get your hippy vibe on with this sage-infused, peace-loving fragrance.

Our Candles

Each tealight will burn for approximately 6 hours. The clear plastic tealights are 4cm square and 2cm high.  We package our tealights in biodegradable Nativia® film bags.  Also, these bags are made from renewable resources. Lastly, please dispose of the bag along with your compostable waste (NOT with recycling or landfill waste).

  • Vegan-friendly soy wax
  • Paraffin-free cotton wicks
  • NO chemical colour dyes
  • Long-lasting scent

Our Fragrance Oil range is made using soy wax, which is natural, vegan-friendly, and exceptional quality.  We hand-pour all our creations with love and a little bit of magick!


Candle Safety and Care – To get the best from your Tealight Sampler Pack B, please follow these instructions.

Always place your candle on a fire-proof surface.  Keep candles away from children and pets.  Also, never leave a burning candle unattended. The Magick Cauldron has no liability for damages caused by neglectful use of candles.  Candles are burnt at your own risk.

We decorate our candles with plant leaves, flowers and glitter.  Toppings will infuse into the wax as the candle burns so do not need to be removed.  Also, do not ingest any of the decorative toppings.

Please note that the photographs shown are for illustrative purposes only. Also, your candle may vary from the picture in terms of decoration, crystal shapes, size and colours.

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