Wiccan Crystal Besom Abundance


This besom is adorned with green ribbons, citrine crystals, and a symbolic coin charm.  Each broomstick is approximately 18cm long.

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Wiccan Crystal Besom Abundance: This miniature wealth broomstick would look wonderful on your altar and to use in spell work!  You can also place broomsticks near doors and windows to protect and bless your home.  

Our abundance broomstick is adorned with green ribbons, citrine crystals, and a coin charm. Each broomstick is approximately 18cm in length.

A crystal of abundance, citrine attracts and manifests success, wealth, prosperity and all good things. Its element is fire and it carries the power of the Sun. It can clear the mind, fire the imagination, open the mind, and bring a more positive outlook. It is also a protective stone.  Citrine is known as the “money stone” or “success stone”.

Please note that the photos shown are for illustrative purposes only. Each broomstick is made of natural wood, so may vary in terms length and shape, and all crystals will vary in shapes, sizes and colour. Crystals are purified in the light of the Full Moon.

The law requires us to give a statement that these magical broomsticks are for sale for entertainment purposes only. We cannot guarantee you will attain the outcome you wish for, and nor should this be used in place of appropriate financial/medical, etc. professional advice.

To get the most from your Wiccan Crystal Besom Abundance, use with one of our cinnamon-scented abundance candles which are topped with a potent mixture of herbs and crystals.  These are available as tins, jars and cauldrons, a perfect accompaniment for your broomstick.  Click here to find out more.

Blessed Be, Love & Light from us all at The Magick Cauldron xx


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